New jewel collection ASTRO

New Astro jewel collection, perfect, flawless.

Our handcraft production offers this new collection on the market, a perfect outpouring of manual processing combined with an innovative and modern exaltation of light and crystal shades.

A futuristic vision, a completely new concept of our jewel collections.

A symbiosis of steel, shaded crystals wrapped in a dark leather that suggest the immensity of a galaxy that envelops a whole constellation.

Its three-dimensional shapes make its design unique and elegant, the effect obtained is a real surreal exaltation of color.

The Swarovsky crystals used are of three colors: smoky black, anthracite gray and crystal color.

Their bases are in steel and cover the Swarosvky crystal.

The leathers used are: fine soft calf leather  and all the finishes and internal parts are made of velvety nubuck  to guarantee and protect the dog’s fur.