Braid Trekker Collar

Technical Details

Item Code T84.1 - T84.2
Materials 100% cotton rope - Leather details
Colors Red (R) - Brown (D) - Dark Green (DG) - Blue (BL) - Grey (G)
T84.1.40cm. 2,5cm. 31-36
T84.1.45cm. 2,5cm. 34-40
T84.1.50cm. 2,5cm. 39-45
T84.2.55cm. 4,0cm. 43-49
T84.2.60cm. 4,0cm. 45-53
T84.2.65cm. 4,0cm. 51-58
T84.2.70cm. 4,0cm. 58-65


The Braid Trekker collar is made of 100% cotton rope, of Italian production.
This rope is composed by three tubular layers: an external layer formed by tens of braided cotton wires, an intermediate layer formed by a very fine and durable polyamide sheath and the last layer formed again by braided cotton. That gives the product an exceptional softness to the touch and the lightness of a feather.

Leather details are in soft calf leather matching with the rope colours.
The seams are made of tear-resistant polyester thread.

The buckle and the ring are made of iron and chrome plated.