Braid Trekker Harness

Technical Details

Item Code T84.5
Materials 100% cotton rope - Leather details
articlepaunch adj.chest
T84.5.2 cm. 50-70cm. 36
T84.5.3 cm. 60-80cm. 42
T84.5.4 cm. 70-90cm. 46
T84.5.5 cm. 90-100cm. 53
T84.5.6cm. 100-110cm. 57


Our new model from the Braid Trekker Harness is inspired by the first harnesses used in Norway and Finland for the transport of sleds.
Entirely handmade, in two materials: internally reinforced braided cotton, of Italian origin, applied on the front of the dog, to ensure extreme softness and protection of the dog’s fur.
The product is completely finished in top-quality soft calfs leather of Italian origin, which guarantees the product extreme safety and durability.
The technical structure of this article respects the dog’s neck and back by shifting the pulling weight on the chest.

It’s put on and off in seconds, without having to touch the dog’s paws.

It’s equipped with a comfortable handle to hold large dogs by the side.
At each point of greatest pressure and is abundantly finished double calf nappa with matching thread to ensure an elegant appearance

All metal parts are made of zamak alloy and chrome plated.