Bulldogue Français Training Leash

Technical Details

Item Code M52.3
Materials Hand-dabbed vegetable tanned leather
Colors Red (R) - Black (B)
M52.3cm. 2,0cm. 200


The Bulldogue Français training leash is made of vegetable tanned leather, produced in Tuscany; the peculiarity of this leather is the completely handmade finishing, made according to the Florentine artisan tradition, using natural oils and waxes applied with wool pads. This process, with numerous steps, gives to  the product those seasoned and aged features.
The last finishing is realized with fabric and horsehair brushes giving a surprising result: brilliance, extreme softness, and especially the unique scent of handmade worked leather.

This training leash is plain without applications and without lining: all that gives a very vintage look and especially the maximum softness and lightness to the leash.
This long leash is so soft that can be folded and wrapped on itself, to be put in a pocket.

The metal parts are made of  zamak alloy and are finished in antique silver bath.
The colour shades obtained by hand brushing make each item unique and different from each other.