Bullet Collar (cm. 2,0)

Technical Details

Item Code M12.6
Materials Genuine Italian soft bovine leather
Colors Brown (D) - Grey (G) - Black (B)
M12.6.35cm. 2,0cm. 26-31
M12.6.40cm. 2,0cm. 31-36


The Bullet collar is made of genuine italian soft bovine leather and it is characterized by the exclusive traditional structure of Malucchi: it consists of a single strip of leather which is folded in the half and acts as the top and the bottom of the collar. This gives the product unique features such as softness, resistance and maximum comfort, since it has no insertions, protrusions or metal parts on the lower part of the collar, that is in contact with the neck of the dog.
The edge has a cut finishing named “rib”: it is smoothed, waxed and brushed for maximum protection of the hair.

The studs are placed on one, two or three rows, depending on the size, applied by hand one by one, are alternated in smooth and hammered shape, offering an incredible optical effect.

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.
The buckle is customized with Malucchi brand.