Ghibli Greyhound Collar

Technical Details

Item Code M26.4
Materials Genuine Italian soft bovine leather, Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Colors Grey (G) - Black Mirror (BM) - Cinnemon (C)
articleneck adjustment
M26.4.25cm. 19-22
M26.4.30cm. 22-26
M26.4.35cm. 26-31
M26.4.40cm. 30-36
M26.4.45cm. 32-40
M26.4.50cm. 38-46


The Ghibli greyhound collar is made of genuine italian soft bovine leather and consists of two pieces of leather, separately cut with a shaped die-cutter, then coupled together with a padding of expanded foam inside, to ensure the maximum comfort for the dog’s neck.
The edge has a cut finishing named “rib”: it is smoothed, waxed and brushed for maximum protection of the hair.

The applications consist of original Swarovski rhinestones alternated with studs with cameos and small shaped studs from the eastern ethnic design, all applied individually by hand.
The buckle is chiselled with an exclusive design created by Malucchi.
All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in antique silver bath.

Disposition, quantity and colours of the applications change according to the colour of the leather and the size of the article.