Meridien Harness

Technical Details

Item Code T73.8.0 - T73.8.1 - T73.8.1,5 - T73.8.2 - T73.8.2,5 - T.73.8.3 - T73.8.3,5 - T73.8.4
Materials Fabric, Harness, Meridien, Soft Calf Leather
articlepaunch adj.chest
T73.8.0cm. 15-22cm. 26
T73.8.1cm. 16-24cm. 30
T73.8.1,5cm. 21-33cm. 34
T73.8.2cm. 26-38cm. 38
T73.8.2,5cm. 29-49cm. 43
T.73.8.3cm. 34-54cm. 50
T73.8.3,5cm. 36-63cm. 55
T73.8.4cm. 47-75cm. 60


The Meridien harness is made of leather and tissue.

The chest has the top in original Gobelin cotton tissue and the lining is in soft calf leather of Italian origin.

The edges of the strip of leather and of the strip of fabric are formed by folding the material inside on both sides, in order to eliminate roughness and to protect the dog’s hair.

The paunch is made of polyamide and it is adjustable with the metal sliders.

The rings are made of iron, welded and chrome plated.

The buckle is made of ultralight aluminium. The side inserts are in leather and heart-shaped.