Movie Harness

Technical Details

Item Code T69.0 - T69.1 - T69.1,5 - T69.2 - T69.2,5 - T69.3 - T69.3,5 - T69.4
Materials Genuine Italian Soft Bovine Leather
Colors Cognac, Black, Red, Green
articlepaunch adj.chest
T69.0cm. 15-22cm. 26
T69.1cm. 16-24cm. 30
T69.1,5cm. 21-33cm. 34
T69.2cm. 26-38cm. 38
T69.2,5cm. 29-49cm. 43
T69.3cm. 34-54cm. 50
T69.3,5cm. 36-63cm. 55
T69.4cm. 47-75cm. 60


The Movie harness is completely made of soft calf leather.
Leather strip edges are formed by bending the inner material on both sides to eliminate roughness and protect the dog’s hair.
The strap is in soft calf leather and adjustable with metal sliders.
The rings are made of iron, welded and chromed.
The buckle is ultra lightweight aluminum. The side inserts are made of leather, stuffed with soft foam.