Pasha Collar

Pasha collar
Pasha collar

Technical Details

Item Code M43.1
Materials Genuine Italian soft bovine leather - Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
M43.1.40cm. 4,0cm. 31-36
M43.1.45cm. 4,0cm. 36-41
M43.1.50cm. 4,0cm. 39-45
M43.1.55cm. 4,0cm. 45-50


The Pasha collar is completely made of calf leather.
It has a shaped structure and in the center is a chrome-plated brass round ring to hook the leash.

The lining is in soft calf leather with expanded foam inside, to ensure the maximum comfort for the dog’s neck.
All applications are made of iron sheets applied on the leather by precious Swarovski crystals.

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.
The buckle is customized with Malucchi brand.