Pasha Harness

Technical Details

Item Code M43.2 - M43.3
Materials Genuine Italian soft bovine leather - Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
articleneck adj.chest
M43.2.00cm. 17-23cm. 30
M43.2.0cm. 20-28cm. 34
M43.3.1cm. 23-33cm. 38
M43.3.2cm. 25-36cm. 44
M43.3.3cm. 28-41cm. 47
M43.3.4cm. 33-51cm. 54
M43.3.5cm. 37-58cm. 62


The new Pasha harness is completely made of calf leather; its innovative design, also inspired by the Norwegian harnesses, makes it more comfortable and lightweight.

The front part, which surrounds the chest of the dog, is shaped and decorated with applications in thin chrome metal sheets, then applied on the leather with precious Swarovski crystals.
Inside is located a layer of soft foam that has the purpose to cushion the pressure on the chest, with an anti-stress action.

The harness has a comfortable buckle in light aluminium, which makes the closure fast and safe.
The rings are made of welded iron.