Punk Harness

Technical Details

Item Code M54.2
Materials Soft calf leather
Colors Black (B) - White (W)
articlepaunch adj.chest
M54.2.0cm. 15-22cm. 26
M54.2..1cm. 16-24cm. 30
M54.2.1.5cm. 21-33cm. 34
M54.2.2cm. 26-38cm. 38
M54.2.2.5cm. 29-49cm. 43
M54.2.3cm. 34-54cm. 50


The Punk harness is  completely made of soft calf italian leather.

The part of the front belly is enriched with small metal studs in the shape of piramode, very light and wound inside the two bands of soft leather, so as not to damage and annoy the dog.

The adjustable part is always made of soft calf italian leather  and is fully adjustable.

The rings are made of iron, welded and chrome plated.
The buckle is made of ultralight aluminium. The side inserts are in leather and heart-shaped.