Talamone Greyhound Collar

Technical Details

Item Code M46.4
Materials Genuine Italian soft bovine leather
Colors Brown (D) - Grey (G) - Black (B)
articleneck adjustment
M46.4.25cm. 19-22
M46.4.30cm. 22-26
M46.4.35cm. 26-31
M46.4.40cm. 30-36
M46.4.45cm. 32-40
M46.4.50cm. 38-46


The Talamone greyhound collar is made of genuine italian soft bovine leather and consists of two pieces of leather, separately cut with a shaped die-cutter, then coupled together with a padding of expanded foam inside, to ensure the maximum comfort for the dog’s neck.
The edge has a cut finishing named “rib”: it is smoothed, waxed and brushed for maximum protection of the hair.

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.
The buckle is customized with Malucchi brand.