Vannes Collar

Technical Details

Item Code M40.1
Materials Drum-stuffed soft calf leather
Colors Brown (D)
M40.1.45cm. 3,5cm. 34-40
M40.1.50cm. 3,5cm. 39-45
M40.1.55cm. 3,5cm. 43-49
M40.1.60cm. 3,5cm. 45-53


The collar consists of a leather braid composed of four parts; four strips of leather create the plaiting strictly made by hand and they are sewn centrally with 2 different threads in nylon and dracon, in two different colours: hemp and russet.

This beautiful plaited collar is very soft: when it is placed and rubbed on human skin, no sign of friction will be warned, but it seems to be touched by a feather. This means that when our faithful friend will wear the Vannes collar, it will have the maximum protection for the hair and the maximum comfort; at the same time it will catch the attention of the observer

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy and are finished in antique silver bath.

The buckle is very original and chiselled with the shape of a spiral.