Volcano Jewel Collar

Technical Details

Item Code M53.1
Materials Soft calf italian leather -Suede - Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Colors Blue (BL) - Fuchsia (F) - Orange (OG)
M53.1.25cm. 2,5cm. 18-21
M53.1.30cm. 2,5cm. 23-26
M53.1.35cm. 2,5cm. 27-31


The Volcano jewel collar is made of soft calf italian leather and suede.

The outer part of the collar is made of fine suede leather and the part in contact with the dog’s hair is made of very soft and comfortable calf leather, so as to best protect the coat of the dog.

This gives the product unique features such as softness, resistance and maximum comfort, since it has no insertions, protrusions or metal parts on the lower part of the collar, that is in contact with the neck of the dog.
The edge has a cut finishing named “rib”: it is smoothed, waxed and brushed for maximum protection of the hair.

Thanks to the myriad of colors of Swarovsky stones applied in contrast to each other on the collar, depending on how you look at the product you will get a shaded and irregular effect that looks and recalls the typical colors of volcano lava.

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.
The buckle is customized with Malucchi brand.