Volcano Jewel Leash

Technical Details

Item Code M54.3
Materials Genuine Italian Soft Calf Leather - Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Colors Blue (BL) - Fuchsia (F) - Orange (OG)
M53.3cm. 1,5cm. 110


The Volcano jewel leash is made of soft calf leather and  finest suede.

The external part is made of fine suede leather, enriched with the extreme of the handle with the same Swarovsky workmanship present throughout the collection.

The inner part is made of soft calfskin nappa, elegant and durable.

The handle is connected to the body of the leash by ring, this makes various objects applicable, such as the mini bag and any other gadget.
Furthermore, thanks to this attachment of the handle, the adhesion will be even more optimal.

The edge of the strip is formed by folding the inner leather on both sides, in order to eliminate roughness.
All metallic parts are finished in palladium bath.