VANNES collection

Distinctive feature of this collection is the use of a drum-stuffed soft cow leather, very particular with lightening effect, characterized by different nuances that make each piece different from the other, creating real unique pieces.

The vintage essence evokes the colours and scents of the nature, inviting to live and experience it in the better way, in real outdoor style.

The beautiful plaited collar is very soft: when it is placed and rubbed on human skin, no sign of friction will be warned, but it seems to be touched by a feather. This means that when our faithful friend will wear the Vannes collar, it will have the maximum protection for the hair and the maximum comfort; at the same time it will catch the attention of the observer

The craftsmen who have produced this beautiful accessory thank those who buy it and appreciate its value, in order to continue to pass on to young people the Tuscan art of  the plaiting made by hand.